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The Nuts and Bolts of Healing

Many people write books about sickness and how they overcame it. Many Christians write books that teach on what the Bible has to say about sickness. This book is a merging of the two.

Christianity 101

As a Christian you are automatically the righteousness of God in Christ. You are not just half saved or three quarters saved. It’s like being born a man you can not change it if you’re a man, you’re a man or if you are born a woman you are a woman.

To Hell and Back

Mike was born in 1951 and grew up in Toronto, Canada. He was a happy young man with great parents, but like a lot of young people he was adventurous and made some wrong choices which caused him a lot of trouble. Just before his 20th birthday he took an overdose of drugs which many of his friends did but they did not come back from the dead like he did when he called out the name of Jesus. He believes that Jesus brought him back from the dead to tell his story. (Maybe just for you) Our hope is that you will be blessed as you read this true story about how good the Lord is.

From Darkness to Light

After Mike received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour he began to preach, teach and witness to everyone he could. He had a boldness that is rarely seen of Christians today. This book is the story of Mike’s life which was written by his daughter Jamie O’Brien Legault. You will read about the many obstacles such as sickness, disease and lack that the Lord has brought him through. It reveals much of his faith walk and the anointing that the Lord has placed on Mike to accomplish what he is called to do. It is Mike’s desire that this book encourages the reader to allow the Lord to lead you through life victorious.