Revival of Truth Bob

On November 16, 2007, a day before his 70th birthday, my Husband and I were in our kitchen. I heard a painful moan and saw my husband Bob doubled over in extreme pain. Within 30 minutes He was unconscious and was rushed to a Hospital in a nearby city 40 minutes away from our home. My whole world changed in 30 minutes. He was diagnosed with severe Pancreatitis which was complicated by an infection that he contracted in the Hospital. They operated on Bob and the pancreas was removed but his condition went from bad to worse. By Christmas the Doctors gave me no hope. He was transferred to Intensive care were he was put on life support.

We are believers in a Jesus and His power to heal so our church body prayed for Bob’s healing daily and strength for me to walk in this path God had chosen for us. Our Pastor came to my side to encourage and also teach me how to live not by sight but by faith. It was a difficult time but I thank God for His Grace and mercy. He was so faithful and taught us to trust Him more and we experienced His love and peace in a greater way than before.


After 5 month in intensive care , my husband was taken to the surgical floor for recovery. He had to learn to walk again as his muscles were so weak . He was on a pic-line which gave him the nourishment he

needed to survive and now he was also a diabetic and had four needles of insulin a day. The surgeon could not close the large incision made by the operation as there was too much fluid in his abdomen and it constantly had to be drained. God gave us compassionate nurses and Doctors that looked after both of us. It was such a blessing to have a church Body rallying around us to pray and help and encourage us. After driving daily for 10 months to the Hospital, God allowed me to experience His Grace, a place of Peace and Joy in a difficult



Finally, with a lot of prayers and believing that God is a good God at all times and thanking Him

in everything, I was able to have my husband back home again. A year later another surgery occurred to close the abdomen by using skin grafts from Bob’s thigh. There were countless trips into the city some were emergencies and some were appointments. God was faithful and helped us through every trial and every situation. It took 7 years for Bob’s abdomen to completely close up but we did not lose hope.

The medical staff told us that Bob will never eat again nor will he be able to function normally. We believed the promises of our God that” by His stripes we are healed”. One year after Bob came home he was off the pic-line eating normal food and 2 years later he drove a car again and climbs ladders to fix things around the house.


Never give up trusting our Lord in all circumstances. Thank Him and praise Him in all things at all times and acknowledge that we serve a God who is greater than any trial or situation and you too will get to know a God who is a God of miracles a God that heals and wants to build His character in us so we can go out and encourage, and serve others and witness to them that there is a God who loves us all very much. Give your Life to Him today so you can have Life everlasting.

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